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Price & Offers

2018 Pricing & Other Promotional Offers
Pricing for Individual Clients

Value Added Services

  • Last 3 Years of Tax return evaluation
  • *Tax Expert Consultation with EAs & CPAs
  • Tax Preparation Service for Individuals
  • Get FREE Estimates on you Tax Returns
  • *For Non-Residents we Provide US Postal Address
  • Extension Filing
  • Tax Audit & Representation (3 Years)
  • Individual Indian Tax Returns

Premium Plan

  • Complex Federal Tax Return (Standard Deduction 1040/1040NR) 29.99 USD
    *Simple Federal Tax Return (Standard Deduction 1040 Basic Returns) 19.99 USD
    State Tax Return 38.99 USD/State
    *State Planing (Each State) Price Vary
    *ITIN W7 Only (Additional Postal Charges are Applicable) 9.99 USD
    Non Resident Spouse Election 24.99 USD
    Schedule C - Profit or Loss From Business (Starts at) 84.99 USD
    FBAR processing (Up to 4 Accounts $14.99) 14.99 USD
    Schedule A (Home Mortgage,Charity,Medical Expenses, etc.) 84.99 USD
    Stocks (For 4 and more pages $14.99/page) 24.99 USD
    *ITIN Document Verification and Certification Process 99.99 USD/Person
    Form 8843 - Exempt Individuals and Individuals With a Medical Condition 14.99 USD/Person
    All Other Tax Forms/Schedules/Adjustments not Included above Prices Vary
    Other Promotional Offers
  • *Refer 8 paid clients - We Will Refund your Fees FREE
    *File Before JAN-31-2019 and get Simple Federal Tax Return FREE
    *Bawarchi Biryanis, Franklin Park, NJ - Individual Clients only 20% Discount
    NATS Members File Federal Returns (Schedule A & B Included) FREE
    Group of 10 to 20 clients 15% Discount
    Group of 21 and above 25% Discount

    Terms & Conditions for Pricing & Other Promotional Offers
    • * Tax Expert Consultation with EAs & CPAs - Only if client has more than 3 state return filing.
    • * Simple Federal Return at ZERO price(1040 only). (Register Before 01/31/2018 and file their taxes on or before 02/28/2019)
    • * Clients can avail only one promotional offer cannot combine with any other promotional offers
    • * Only regular priced domains registered/renewed, which are less than or equal to $12.00 and do not need database for one year only
    • * Group clients can get referral bonus for each referral but cannot avail free tax filing for first 8 referrals
    • * Bawarchi Customers
    • * Should register and upload their receipts Before Feb 28th 2019 to get additional 20% disocunt.
    • * Sales transaction receipt happned between 01/05/2019 and 02/28/2019 are only condisered.
    • * Taxpayers registration name and name on the receipts should be similar.
    • * Get 20% discount only on Individual tax returns. Can not combine with corporate returns.
    • * North America Telugu Society (NATS) Members
    • * Federal Tax Returns including - Schedule A , B at no additional price.
    • * Non-Resident returns (1040NR) and all other forms, schedules are charged at discoutned price.
    • * Have to provide members number which may be used for membership validation in future.
    • * We may share client Name and NATS member ID ONLY with NATS for Membership confirmation.
    Tax Return preparation Service

    You can avail our Tax Return preparation service absolutely at NO cost.

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